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    Changes to Pap smears

    We answer your questions on the cervical cancer screening changes

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    How to stick with an exercise routine
  • woman with hat and sunscreen
    Sunscreen truths

    Why you can get sunburnt despite using sunscreen

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    Multicultural support for parenting and pregnancy

    Looking after your health, feelings and emotions

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In this issue of Health Journey we look at how to stick with an exercise routine, changes to the way we screen for cervical cancer, sunscreen truths and rhesus negative blood during pregnancy.

Health Journey 2017 Issue 1

Watch our latest webinar on 'Pap smears, what next?'.

Two-yearly Pap smears will be replaced with a five-yearly HPV test. Listen to our webinar presented by Health Education Team leader Belinda Kippen and Cervical Clinical Nurse Consultant Lisa Peberdy as they discuss these changes.


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