• Two pregnant women of culturally and linguistically diverse background
    Multicultural support for parenting and pregnancy
  • woman pinching  her stomach
    Middle-aged spread

    How to avoid it.

  • woman experiencing unpleasant taste after drinking coffee
    Ten pregnancy symptoms you might not expect
  • woman with scarf in the country
    Hormone-releasing IUD

    We answer women's common questions

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About the position:
Women's Health Queensland Wide Inc seeks a Chief Executive Officer (CEO). This is an exciting opportunity to join a statewide organisation, as we continue the journey to deliver greater and purposeful impact, primarily for the benefit of significantly disadvantaged women, but also for Queensland women generally.

Reporting to the Management Committee (through the Chair), you will:

  1. be committed to serving significantly disadvantaged women across Queensland;

  • Isn't a Mirena a breed of dog?
  • Is washing up the new foreplay?
  • Are you pickled over pregnancy?
  • Hot under the collar about menopause?

We invite women of all ages to come and join nurse/midiwfe Belinda Kippen for a fun, informative, yet oh so serious, women's only event.

Drop your embarassing questions anonymously into the box and have them answered - no one will ever know - or just come along for a chat, a listen and some company.

No booking or RSVP required.

In this issue of Health Journey we look at Mirena, the hormone releasing intra-uterine device (IUD); ten pregnancy symptoms that women might not expect,; grocery shopping on a budget; and whether a breastfeeding mum should go on a lactose free diet if her baby is unsettled.

Health Journey 2016 Issue 2

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