Mums at Work

Women’s Health Queensland Wide is excited to launch a new program designed to support professional women in planning for their pregnancies, birth and return to work.

As experienced midwives, we speak to women every day who struggle to juggle their physical and emotional wellbeing with the demands of also being a new parent and planning their return to their careers.

We have decades of experience in helping women to transition successfully, calmly and positively back into their work places following pregnancy and delivery. 

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Working with women

Our ‘Mums at Work’ midwives are skilled in guiding busy, professional women through their pregnancy journeys and working with workplace stakeholders to ensure that the transition back to work is a healthy and positive experience for women.

We offer individual, personalised guidance with the same midwife at the convenience and timeframe best suited for each woman. We can conduct our sessions on Skype, phone or in person. We can fit into your schedule and we focus on your needs as a busy mum.

Your midwife may talk with you about:

  • Planning for birth

  • Supporting your mental and emotional health

  • Exploring feeding options

  • Physical and emotional recovery post birth

  • Relationships and sex

  • Navigating expectations of parenthood.

Our typical package consists of:

Pre Birth

  • 20 minute phone chat and get to know you

  • 45 minute face-to-face session

Post birth

  • 20 minute phone chat soon after bub is born

  • 20 minute phone chat when bub is 6 weeks old

  • 45 minute face-to-face planning session prior to return to work

  • 20 minute phone chat after return to work

This package is designed to provide a full service of advice and support throughout the pregnancy and return to work journey. However, we can also tailor this to suit each woman and her unique circumstances.

Working with work

We are confident and experienced at working with Human Resources teams to ensure our service matches and is aligned with the support available to female staff at the time leading up to and including their maternity leave. We are happy to work with a group of women, but the best advice and outcomes come from the one-to-one experience.

If you would like one of our midwives to run a session for pregnant and parenting women in your workplace, please get in touch. We can deliver tailored sessions at group meetings or morning teas, training sessions or lunchtime meet ups.

Our team

All our ‘Mums at Work’ team members are registered nurses and midwives.


Belinda Kippen – Health Education Team Leader

Belinda has over 25 years' experience in maternal and child health. Belinda likes working with women's strengths and encourages them to prioritise themselves and their families. She has a special interest in reaching women in rural and remote areas.

Christine Baxter – Nurse-Midwife

Christine has more than 28 years' experience in both community and hospital settings in England and Australia. Christine enjoys opportunities to help pregnant women understand their pregnancy, and grow and build their relationship with their baby before and after birth.

Vivienne Murray – Nurse-Midwife

Throughout her 30-year nursing career, Vivienne has been interested and involved in women’s health. As a Health Educator, Vivienne talks to women on a daily basis about topics such as healthy lifestyle choices, and emotional health and wellbeing. In her spare time, she works as a birth suite midwife.

Kirsty Porteous – Nurse-Midwife

Kirsty has a 30-year career spanning nursing, midwifery, counselling and education. She has worked with women of all ages and at all stages of life in health, community and counselling settings. She enjoys helping women improve their health, lifestyle and confidence.

Do you know someone who could benefit from this program?

If you are a professional woman who is pregnant or returning to work after pregnancy and you need some support, get in touch with us on (07) 3216 0976 or via our Contact Us page to speak to an experienced and qualified midwife and to book in for a unique one-to-one ‘Mums at Work’ appointment.

Last updated: 27 October 2016