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Women's Health Queenland Wide (Women's Health) is an ATO approved Health Promotion Charity and donations over $2 are tax deductible. Donations enable us to maintain and extend health information and education services to the women of Queensland. Donations for any amount are welcome. Use these buttons alone or in multiples to donate an amount of your choice.

Individual Membership

Become an individual member of Women's Health or renew your existing membership. Membership is open to women, and costs $20 for women in full-time work and $10 for other women. Decide which category describes you, use the drop-down menu to choose whether you are a new or renewing member, confirm your gender, then click the appropriate button.

$20 membership

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$10 membership

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I am female (Yes or No)

Organisational Membership

Organisations that support the aims and objectives of Women's Health are welcome to become members or renew existing membership. Organisational membership costs $30.

Organisational membership

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