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    Changes to Pap smears

    We answer your questions on the cervical cancer screening changes

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    Support Us

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    Finding the best childcare arrangement for your family

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    Pregnancy myths

    Cats, hair dye, Pap smears, flying, exercise and calcium needs- we sort out the myths from the facts

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables
    Understanding food labels

    We outline what to look for

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In this edition of Health Journey we look at what to consider when choosing childcare, common pregnancy myths, understanding food labels and the benefits of delayed cord clamping (DCC).

Health Journey 2017 Issue 2

Mums at Work is a program to support pregnant and parenting women to ensure their transition back to work is a healthy and positive experience.

The journey from pregnancy to parenthood and return to work can be a juggle of emotions and practicalities. Whether you are newly pregnant, about to give birth, or are at home with a baby, you can access support.


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