• Feeling unsupported?

    No woman should feel alone. Get support or support for someone you know.

  • Healthy Relationships

    Find out more about what makes a relationship healthy or unhealthy.

  • Depression and anxiety in pregnancy

    Depression can affect anyone, and it often occurs for no apparent reason. We can support you.

  • Mental health and self-care

    Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy.

What's New

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new CEO of Women’s Health Queensland Wide. I’m looking forward to working with you all over the coming year. 

I also would like to extend a special Thank You for your support during the past 12 months. With your support, Women’s Health continues important work in providing advice, support and information to vulnerable women across Queensland, particularly those living in rural and remote areas of the State.

Watch our latest webinar on 'Pap smears, what next?'.

Two-yearly Pap smears will be replaced with a five-yearly HPV test. Listen to our webinar presented by Health Education Team leader Belinda Kippen and Cervical Clinical Nurse Consultant Lisa Peberdy as they discuss these changes.


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