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Health Education Team


Toni Bahler - Midwife - Health Educator​

Toni is a Health Educator with a degree in Midwifery and post-graduate qualifications in Sexual Health. Toni has worked for many years with Indigenous women both in Victoria and in Queensland and is passionate about women’s health and midwifery. Toni believes that all women should have agency and autonomy in their care and their lives, and she aims to support clients by providing woman-centered, evidence-based information and support. Toni is a great listener with a good sense of humor and lots of common sense.  She loves her role and always aims to leave her clients feeling good about themselves. When not at work, Toni loves hanging out with her old but gorgeous dog Bob, her very ancient cat Frank and her family and friends.


Cheryl Hawkins - Midwife - Nurse

Cheryl Hawkins is a Women’s Health Educator with over 30 years’ as an experienced Nurse/Midwife working in a variety of settings, especially rural and remote locations as a Mobile Women’s Health Nurse.  Cheryl has comprehensive knowledge of direct patient care, outreach service programs, and nursing procedures.  She has a passion to empower women to make informed decisions about their health. Cheryl’s experience in health care delivery along with her strong background in a diverse range of Women’s health, acute, maternity, community, rural, breast care, and sexual health areas enables her to easily build rapport with women and help them to manage their emotional and physical wellbeing.

Operational Services Team


Teresa Dugic - Operations Manager

Teresa Dugic is an experienced operations manager with over 18 years’ experience within the Disability Employment Service and Job Network industry. An energetic self-starter with strong communication skills, Teresa is skilled in developing and maintaining a broad vision, cultivating excellent relationships, and communicating effectively across organizations to build focus and productive teams. 

With her energy, enthusiasm, and humor she is always motivating team members to achieve potential and meet objectives.  Possessing a strong problem-solving ability, Teresa has been a successful manager for 15 years, managing multiple offices and over 26 staff.

Photos: Little Footsteps - Photography by Anna

Last updated: March 2018