Conditions and Treatments

Each woman's experience of menopause is unique and most women will experience some type of symptom in addition to the ending of their menstrual period. This fact sheet explains menopause and offers some helpful coping strategies for women.

Many women explore options for safe and effective complementary or alternative medicine to relieve menopausal symptoms. This fact sheet provides an overview of lifestyle options and popular alternative treatments for women at this time.

Q: I was recently prescribed antibiotics for a urinary tract infection (UTI). I am taking the Pill but my doctor said I did not need to take extra contraceptive precautions due to the antibiotics. Is she correct?

Anxiety and depression are very common conditions that affect people of all ages, often at the same time. This fact sheet outlines the causes, symptoms and treatments for both conditions.

We explore why this time in a woman's life can be a trigger for anxiety.