Act-Belong-Commit: Midlife Health

Midlife and beyond is a time of great change for women. It is a time to appreciate your life experience, reflect on your achievements and seize new opportunities – but it can also be a time of stress and uncertainty.

By taking action to boost your mental health, you can better manage the challenges you experience at this time in your life and improve your overall wellbeing.

Keeping mentally healthy is just as important as staying physically healthy. Remember to A-B-C... Act-Belong-Commit.

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Keeping physically, mentally, socially and spiritually active underpins our mental wellbeing in midlife and beyond. Being active helps us to cope with stress, build friendships, and lift our mood.

Explore new types of exercise to maintain your physical and mental fitness as you age, such as yoga, swimming, dance, aerobics or gardening. Get out into your community and visit your local museum, art gallery or markets. Try a new recipe or craft project, set a regular lunch date with friends, play reasoning games like scrabble and cards, and read widely.


Having a sense of belonging increases our engagement and maintains our interest in midlife and beyond. It helps to keep our minds active and to strengthen our communities.

Use your valuable life skills to volunteer with our local school, hospital or community organisation. Join a group such as a book club or art class and get to know the other participants socially. Attend local fetes and festivals, and performances at your community theatre. Find out about organised day trips in your area, and check your local library for activities.


Commitment gives us a sense of meaning and purpose at midlife and beyond. It builds our self-esteem and resilience.

Commit to the activities you engage in and set yourself small, manageable goals. Make time for yourself and take on new challenges for your self-esteem, like studying a short course or learning a new hobby. Find or re-discover your sense of purpose - become a mentor or coach, help a student with a project, give your neighbour a hand, run a fundraiser, or embark on a home-improvement or craft project. Dedicate time each day to doing the things that make you happy.

How can I get involved?

• Get active in your local community

• Pass on your life skills as a volunteer (

• Join a social or hobby group, or start your own

• Explore the activities offered at your local library or hall

• Take on challenges and learn new skills

How can I get support?

If you are feeling frustrated, isolated or just not yourself, our Health Information Line nurses have time to talk with you about:

• Menopause and coping with midlife

• Physical health

• Relationships and sex

• Changing self-perception

• Mood changes and emotions

• Eating well and being active

• Feeling isolated and lonely.

Call our free information and referral service for Queensland women on 3216 0376 (within Brisbane) or 1800 017 676 (toll free outside Brisbane).

Further information

Act Belong Commit

For help understanding this brochure or for further information, please call the Health Information Line on 3216 0376 (within Brisbane) or 1800 017 676 (toll free outside Brisbane).

Last updated: 24 July 2017

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