New CEO delivers a rural and regional collaboration strategy

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as the new CEO of Women’s Health Queensland Wide. I’m looking forward to working with you all over the coming year. 

I also would like to extend a special Thank You for your support during the past 12 months. With your support, Women’s Health continues important work in providing advice, support and information to vulnerable women across Queensland, particularly those living in rural and remote areas of the State.

Like many organisations, we are continuing our work to achieve the goals outlined in our Strategic Plan 2016-2020. This plan is a road map for everything we do in line with our vision ‘that every women in Qld has access to the resources she needs to experience good health’. 

Over the past 18 months, Women’s Health has undertaken a rigorous assessment of our current service delivery, identifying unmet needs, and identifying opportunities for servicing and expanding our services to an increasing number of vulnerable women.

This has resulted in a more integrated and evidence-based service delivery model being developed that will:

  • Better respond to our clients seeking access to services
  • Provide services to an increased number of vulnerable women including those that are:
    • Living in rural and remote Qld (including those experiencing social isolation)
    • Living in geographical areas identified as of increased social economic disadvantage
    • Living with a disability including mental health issues
    • Indigenous community
    • Culturally and linguistically divers
    • Experiencing domestic violence and/or sexual abuse

Playgroup Queensland

One of our key achievements over the past year, has been our partnership with Playgroup Queensland. Together, we were successful in obtaining a grant to produce aDeadly Mums’ booklet for new Indigenous mums. This booklet provides a wealth of information on healthy eating, physical health, and emotional health and wellbeing. The booklet was distributed to over 1000 Indigenous women and Indigenous health agencies in over 37 communities throughout Queensland. 

Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation

We continue to partner with the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation to provide a free telephone Cervical Health Information Line. This valuable service assists and supports Queensland women and their families by providing advice and information about cervical cancer and cervical screening. In the coming year, we plan to work more collaboratively with communities to expand our education and information services.

White Cloud Foundation

We also continue our partnership with White Cloud Foundation. This organisation provides early intervention services for women and families experiencing peri/postnatal depression. Our Midwife Check-in clients have access to a nutritious meal each day through the White Cloud Foundation Mums Meals Program.

Your ongoing support in helping our organisation move forward, taking a pivotal community-based direction, which means a few changes in our back-end to support this, is important. We are keen to help communities in a way that ensures positive change and better health. Please keep a look out on our website and facebook for new webinars, youtube and chat line opportunities over the coming months.

Many thanks, Caroline Cuckson, CEO, Women's Health Queensland-wide