Antenatal and postnatal anxiety booklet

Pregnancy and early parenthood trigger a wide range of emotions. During pregnancy (the antenatal period) and in the year following childbirth (the postnatal period), it can sometimes be difficult to know whether your feelings of stress, worry, and anxiety are normal, or whether you are experiencing symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

This booklet aims to help you recognise the possible signs of anxiety so you can take steps to potentially alleviate these or to seek help early if you already have anxiety symptoms or are worried about your risk factors. It also gives an overview of what anxiety is and the different types of anxiety disorders.

This booklet provides suggestions about where you can go for help, as well as evidence-based information about diagnosis and recovery, treatment and support options. In addition, it includes a directory of trusted websites you can visit to find out more about anxiety.

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The Antenatal and Postnatal Anxiety booklet was reviewed by the Women's Health's Editorial Committee in 2017.

Last updated: 30 May 2017