Pacific Islander Women


This page provides a practical guide to nutrition, exercise and feeling good when you are pregnant or a new mum.

The information on this page was developed after women of Pacific Islander heritage living in Brisbane were asked about how they look after themselves when they are pregnant and have a new baby.

They told us about nutrition, exercise and their feelings and emotions. They told us about what they enjoyed about pregnancy and life with a new baby and also about some of the things they find hard. Their openness helped us to identify information which might help you to look after yourself while you are pregnant and have a new baby.

We would like to let more women of Pacific Islander heritage in Brisbane know about these webpages, please help us to spread the word.

If you have a family member or friend you think may benefit from this information, please send them the link.

If after reading this information you still have a question about your pregnancy or caring for yourself and your new baby you can: 


Last updated: 20 January 2016