Health Education

Preconception and Pregnancy Health 

Pregnancy places many demands on a woman’s body. Ensuring you are as healthy as possible in the preconception period can help with conception, reduce the risk of issues arising during your pregnancy and assist your recovery from birth.




Pap smears, what next? (webinar)

Two-yearly Pap smears will be replaced with a five-yearly Cervical Screening Test. Listen to our webinar presented by Health Education Team leader Belinda Kippen and Cervical Clinical Nurse Consultant Lisa Peberdy as they discuss these changes.


Webinar - Motherhood: mysteries, myths and misconceptions

To mark Perinatal Depression & Anxiety awareness Week, we held a webinar: motherhood: mysteries, myths and misconceptions. Hear from our experienced Midwives Belinda and Christine as they discuss these important topics.



Fertility Facts

Fertility facts video created by student Jade Grambower from the University of Queensland.


Midwife Check-in information video 

The Midwife Check-in is a free and confidential service for pregnant women and new mums.

Healthy Lunch Box Ideas 

Presented by Sally and Laura 4th year Nutrition and Dietetic students from the University of the Sunshine Coast.


Heart Health 'Make the Invisible Visible' 



Healthy Relationships 

Videos created by Griffith University Student Brynne Beck.




Videoconference with the Lung Foundation

Women’s Health Queensland Wide Inc (Women's Health) and the Lung Foundation Australia worked together to raise awareness about the symptoms, prevalence and treatment for COPD.


Videoconference with ACCF

Women’s Health, the Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation (ACCF) and Cancer Screening Services, Department of Health, discuss cervical cancer screening.


Videoconference with Bowel Cancer Screening Program

Women’s Health and the Queensland Bowel Cancer Screening Program worked together to provide practical advice on preventing bowel cancer as well as addressing the myths about bowel cancer screening.

Last updated: 20 April 2017