Mums at Work

Mums at Work is a program to support pregnant and parenting women to ensure their transition back to work is a healthy and positive experience

Our Mums at Work is a program designed to support professional women in planning for their pregnancies, birth and return to work.

Our experienced midwives are skilled in guiding busy, professional women through their pregnancy journeys and engaging with workplaces to ensure that the transition back to work is a healthy and positive experience for women.

We offer individual, personalised guidance with the same midwife at the convenience and timeframe best suited for each woman.

Working with you for the best outcomes

We are experienced at working with employer organisations and human resources teams to ensure our service matches and aligns with the support available to employees at the time leading up to and including their maternity leave.

We work with workplaces to ensure a holistic approach, supporting the woman from pregnancy through to returning to work. Our communication and support framework are key factors during this transition period that provide:

  • Continuity of care
  • Confidential, woman-centred support
  • Emotional support
  • Ease of access – by phone, Skype or face-to-face visit.


To Employer

  • Significant cost savings by:
    • Reducing employee turnover and costs
    • Maintaining a stable workforce and reducing down time
    • Retaining talent, skills and company knowledge
    • Reducing the recruitment and training of replacements
  • Improvement to staff morale
  • Value-adding to your organisations reputation as an employer of choice with increased capacity to attract quality employees
  • Promoting workplace gender equality and increased participation of women in the workforce

To Employee

  • Feel valued and supported by the employer
  • Feel more connected to their workplace
  • Can recognise when to seek help
  • Increased awareness of good emotional health
  • Increased self-confidence to return to work

All which impact positively on productivity in the workplace.



Basic Support Package

This package is designed to provide a full service of advice and support throughout the pregnancy and return to work journey.

Our basic support package consists of:

  • One-on-one consultation with a professional midwife.
  • Pre birth
    • 60 minute face-to-face or skype consultation and get to know you
    • 20 minute phone consultation
  • Post birth
    • 20 minute phone consultation soon after baby is born
    • 60 minute phone consultation when baby is 6 weeks old
    • 60 minute face-to face or skype planning session prior to return to work
    • 20 minute phone consultation after return to work
  • Access to our range of evidence-based information resources and specialised lending library
  • Free membership to Women’s Health Queensland Wide Inc

Cost: Prices are negotiated and discounted rates are available for bulk packages. The package can be flexible to fit in with client needs.

Custom Support Package

We can tailor our services to suit your organisational needs and unique circumstances. We will create an individualised, personalised package that suits the needs and values of both employer and employee.

Cost: Prices are negotiated and discounted rates are available for bulk packages.

Group Sessions

Our professional midwives run sessions for pregnant women and parents in your workplace that are tailored to meet identified needs during pregnancy and after birth.

Our midwives are able to provide accurate and reliable health information in an interesting and engaging manner.

Face-to-face sessions are offered in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area. We are able to deliver our group sessions in other geographical areas via webinars and video conferencing.

Topics include:

  • Pregnancy and birth – what to expect
  • Supporting mental and emotional health
  • Physical and emotional recovery post birth
  • Navigating expectations of parenthood
  • Keeping healthy
  • Support networks
  • Returning to work – hours, childcare, feeding.

In addition, attendees at group sessions will have access to:

  • our range of evidence-based information resources and specialised lending library
  • network support via Facebook group forums.

Costs: Prices negotiated. We are flexible and can tailor a package that suits your needs and budget requirements.

Could you or your workplace benefit from the program?

If you are pregnant or returning to work after having a baby and you need some support, get in touch on (07) 3216 0976 or via our Contact Us page.

What others have thought

“The service provided me with clarity, validated my feelings, and gave me the confidence to have conversations with my workplace and return to work.”

“It was great to have an ongoing relationship with the same midwife and to be able to talk with someone about the transition back to work.”

“The flexibility and convenience of the service helped me get ready for my return to work while looking after a baby. I appreciated having someone support me through the whole process – both the Mums at Work midwives and my workplace.”

Last updated: 05 Oct 2018